When asked to describe himself in three words, dad Neil replied with ridiculously handsome, outrageously hilarious and the most humble man to walk the earth. We pointed out that this is not only contradictory but completely fails to stay anywhere within the three word maximum we allowed. While he seems to be oozing jokes and banter much of this is wasted on long suffering wife Jen and, requiring an outlet for said banter, Neil set up a Facebook page to record the daily conversations he and his new daughter would have on their daily adventures through the lands.  

Wife “If you don’t stop talking to me through a Walkie Talkie, our relationship is over!”

Me “Our relationship is what?......Over.”

Wife “What time did you get home?” 
Me “2.30am ish” 
Wife “Well you’re on daddy daughter duty.” 
Me "...."


A play on the term 'MILF', popularised by the cult classic film American Pie, DILF has been modified to mean 'Daddy Interprets Little Female'. To help get more likes, Neil impregnated the wife again using, tried and tested methods, which resulted in yet another daughter.

The DILF was then upgraded to 'Daddy Interprets Little Family'.

* first 6 months *

"Make sure you boil those bottles before and after you put them in the steriliser then sterilise them again to be sure." 

* 6 months plus *

"Yeah have a flip flop or whatever."

Me in my 20s

“I can see myself chilling on a Friday night with a girl on each arm talking about boobies.”

Me almost 40

“....touché life.....touché.”


Neil has been a coach since the late 90's helping clients with all aspects of fitness. At one stage he worked as the Online Fitness editor for Men's Health Magazine and a contributor for many others including Heat, Men's Fitness and Fate. Writing about fitness is nowhere near as much fun as parenting so Neil sticks with coaching in person and dad blogging online. 

Check out Neil's facebook page MCT Coaching and Instagram @neilmct

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