Although Neil is known for his colourful banter portrayed through Facebook and the Team DILF page, his 9-5 is actually in fitness!


Starting off as a Fitness Instructor in the late 90's, Neil has been involved in pretty much every aspect of coaching from writing for top magazines and owning a gym, to tutoring Personal Trainers and coaching thousands of people. With the growth of Team DILF and the improvements in coaching software and technology, it made sense to bring quality coaching to the men, dad's and wanna be DILF's on the inter webs. These guys need help achieving the ultimate physique that not just looks and feels better but adds years to their life and life to their years!

Neil's fitness background includes:

Men's Health Magazine - Online Fitness Editor.

Men's Fitness Magazine - Contributor.

Gaelic Star Magazine - NutritIon Advisor.

23+ Years training.

20+ Years as a fitness professional.

30,000+ Personal Training sessions delivered.



A 16 week programme like no other!

We see this as an education. Our clients as students. While other programmes give you some generic plan and a crazy unsustainable diet, we teach you the how's and why's of what to do so you never need another programme that fails to deliver. Neil has taken 20+ years of coaching clients in the real world and squished it into a solid package aimed at taking anyone from absolute beginner to gym hero. 



Men who need a serious change. They don't just want to be able to take their top off at the pool but play with the kids without keeling over. Men who are fed up paying for gym memberships only to arrive and waste valuable family time arsing about the gym, doing bits and bobs, hoping for a miracle.


You click the link below and fill out an application form. Rather than working with an army of clients, we want a small group of guys ready to invest in their long term health and fitness. If you fit the bill, we give you a call to chat goals, life, obstacles and past failures. We work out what's went wrong to date and discover how we can help.